Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Applied business ethics seminar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Applied business ethics seminar - Essay Example It is from moral business behaviours that ethical leaders are created. She has made a very valid point, therefore, stating that the two elements should go hand in hand. From her point of view, her tax-evasion schemes are legal and irreproachable. She has clearly stated that she plays by the rules without breaking them. It does not, therefore, prevent her from being a moral person. Her schemes for tax evasion are all legal and within the bounds of the law and saves the company a lot of money. However, these are witty schemes of evading paying taxes and should not be applauded. On the weights of codes, such conduct presents a grey area. Mei-Hua, in a position of a senior manager, is not particularly setting the right example. She is an ethical leader, but business morals are somewhat compromised by her schemes that raise questions towards the same. Deshi is very distasteful about the whole concept of ethics and codes. He also describes them as a document you signs to â€Å"stop you from making money.† They are also documents that you sign to stop you from making money and in addition, they appear to him as guidelines that almost no one in the real business world is clear to follow. Deshi completely disregards the importance of codes of corporate governance. His views may have the benefits of maximizing profit by use of even shrewd means. However, without a code, business would be near to impossible. Deshi has a point in identifying the disparity between what is in the pages of Codes and Ethics and real practice. The codes and ethics seem to be formality documents while actual practice depicts otherwise. He is keen to note that most western companies say one thing but means something else. He implies that even when these documents are signed, most of the businesses do not regard them as their goal is to create profitable, successful businesses. Deshi has had experience in the real world of business. He discovered that no one really

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